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Aleph Kallah 2016: Weeklong Course and Community Kirtan

Join RebDrew and Shoshana Jedwab, with hundreds of clergy, students, lay leaders, educators and seekers, together steeping in a family-friendly setting. Expect Renewal learning, prayer, art, dance, yoga, meditation and other inspiring programs, all taught by gifted teachers.

Get the Early bird pricing! February 1st to April 15th
Here is the Aleph Kallah website:

Here is a description of RebDrew’s weeklong course:
The Quest for Nondual Consciousness in Jewish Body-based Practice
With Shoshana Jedwab

As long as we find ourselves in these bodies, we apparently exist in a state of separation and duality: Life and death; health and sickness; you there, me here. Yet we hear it all the time, Ein Od milvado: All is One, God is all there is. And, in fact, it is at the pinnacle of every spiritual tradition’s practice that we can discover an ability to transcend separation, to get glimpses of the Unity of all things, while still here. In this week long course, we will chant deeply, meditate, move our bodies and learn from indigenous, Jewish nondual teachings, all with the goal of basking in the Nondual perspective. The Take-away: You will return home with simple, repeatable exercises which you can easily apply to your ongoing spiritual work. This class is open to AOP students seeking additional credit. Culminates in a community-wide, evening Kirtan.