Kiddie Kirtan

Kirtan Rabbi performs Kiddie Kirtan

Kirtan Rabbi performs a Kiddie Kirtan

Our newest offering! Hold a Kirtan for children – appropriately tailored to the age of those participating.

Children love repetition; and they love to learn songs in fun and different ways. This makes call-and-response chant a wonderful tool for making Jewish music exciting and new. This idea was born owing to the fact that Kirtan Rabbi has received numerous calls and emails from adults who purchased the CD only to find that their children won’t let them turn it off.

Kiddie Kirtans tend to be a bit shorter, and the chants are simple and playful. A onetime nursery school teacher, Reb Drew will use various instruments in addition to the harmonium – including the guitar. For pre-school, grammar school as well as early teens.

Can be mixed with an adult program during the same visit.

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“Our son Lincoln, who’s almost four, is nearly obsessed with your music (as well as the Hebrew alphabet)… He wants to listen to both CDs constantly, and sings his favorites in the car, at school, etc. Bet you didn’t know one of your biggest fans is a mystically inclined preschooler!
– Emily Katz, Irvine, CA