I listen to your music all the time, and have been deeply moved and influenced by it. I want to thank you for your work, and for what you’re doing for the Jewish People.

–Rabbi Gil Steinlauf, Adas Israel Congregation, Washington, D.C.

Your work is amazing, and your soul really shines. Thank you for putting such energy out there.

–Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Abner and Roslyn Goldstine Dean’s Chair and Vice President, American Jewish University

Kirtan Rabbi’s visit was a memorable and special weekend. I loved every part of the program – the service leading, the Jewishly-oriented tai ch’i, the meditations and the text teachings. It was such a pleasure to spend time with Andrew. He is a special man, with a unique mission. The fact that he bridges both the world of religion and the world of spirituality puts him in a unique position to address both communities and influence them. The Saturday night Kirtan was mind blowing! It was such a spiritual high for me.

–Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom, Congregation Adath Jeshurun, Elkins Park, PA

I have a 4 year old son who is obsessed with your music! It’s really adorable. He even walks around the house making up his own chants.

–Josh Bomstein, Clearwater, Florida

I am delighted to be collaborating with Kirtan Rabbi. This is more than music; it’s a kind of Medicine Music!

– Andrew Sterman, saxophonist/flutist/composer, long-time member Philip Glass Ensemble

Your music has transformed me. Thank you. You have opened my eyes to appreciate the beauty of the words and sentiments of our prayers. Because of you, I now recite them with more soulful awareness. Yitbarach Shimcha! Thank you!

– Joyce Boll, New York, NY

I was ambivalent going in, having experienced too many Jewish chant events that were “performances” and all about the “performer.” I think that one of the biggest challenges of a spiritual leader is to learn how NOT to draw attention to themselves and to serve as a clear channel to “God” or to the community. I think Kirtan Rabbi was quite humble and cognizant of his spiritual task. So it made me feel safe and I could deeply participate. I loved it.

– Ellen Bernstein, author of The Splendor of Creation and founder of Shomrei Adamah

There are a lot of wanna-be gurus out there and a lot of reasons to be skeptical of them. But Andrew Hahn possesses two gifts that distinguish him from the pack: daring and humility. He’ll take you to very high places, but not to put himself any higher; he’ll open your heart, but not take advantage. Add to that his grounding in Jewish text (he’s a rabbi and holds a Ph.D. in Jewish philosophy after all) redoubled with his telepathic connection with the brilliant Shoshana Jedwab, and “Hebrew Kirtan” is a program that inspires and transforms. This is not your bubbe’s Judaism – but after a few minutes, she’ll be clapping and dancing along with the rest of us.

–Jay Michaelson, New York, NY, author of Everything is God

This is exactly what I’ve always been waiting for. Wish you were here in LA!

–Rabbi Miriyam Glazer

I am still humming and absorbing and reflecting upon our weekend with the remarkable “Kirtan Rabbi,” Andrew Hahn. While there were a few moments that did not work for me personally, in general, I found his new and unusual fusion of Jewish prayer with sacred Indian chant profoundly moving. This visit opened our congregation’s doors to the dozens of religious seekers who came for the very first time to see and hear and join us in prayer.

–Rabbi Steve Cohen, Congregation B’nai B’rith, Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Rabbi: a note of thanks for all your wonderful contributions last Shabbat at Congregation Beth El. There has been a palpable energy in our community this week. The effects of your visit will be felt for a long time. On a personal level, I suddenly have a tool to bring together my practice of meditation and my Jewish spirtual practice, an integration I have long strived for without true success. What an extraordinary gift; I am deeply grateful to have been a beneficiary of your teaching. Todah Rabah.

–Marilynn Jacobs, VP, Congregation Beth El, South Orange, NJ

I very much enjoyed the [Kirtan Rabbi] program last night with Rabbis without Borders. It was just what I needed. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it and felt that it was a non-judgmental space to learn the background of Kirtan, try something very new for me, hear Rabbi Hahn’s story, and really appreciate a deep and beautiful spiritual practice.

– Aaron Weininger, rabbinical student, Jewish Theological Seminary

Our son Lincoln, who’s almost four, is nearly obsessed with your music (as well as the Hebrew alphabet)… He wants to listen to both CDs constantly, and sings his favorites in the car, at school, etc. Bet you didn’t know one of your biggest fans is a mystically inclined preschooler!

–Emily Katz, Irvine, CA

Thank you for an AMAZING weekend workshop. I got so much more out of it than I ever could have expected. I did not want it to end……

–Chris-Anna Sterling, Cleveland, OH

Thank you for bringing kirtan into my consciousness via your workshops, concerts and recordings. It’s been a wonderful addition to my davening, allowing me time to take in and breathe out the meaning of the prayers

– Pamela Greenberg, Cambridge, MA, translator, The Complete Psalms: the Book of Prayer Songs in a New Translation

Kirtan Rabbi goes beyond just imitating Hinduism. His use of call-and-response chant feels authentically, devotionally Jewish. Yasher Koach!

–Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Boulder, CO

Kirtan Rabbi defines a new genre of music and prayer… that transports, elevates, uplifts, enlightens, inspires, and centers. It is at once traditional and innovative and creative and deep and alive. I literally do not know exactly what to say because I feel I have just woken up and tasted a new level of consciousness.

–Rabbi Irwin Kula, President, The Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership (CLAL)

My family loves to hear you sing the Shema. Thank You.

–Debbie Murphy, Huntsville, AL

Evaluation after a doing a workshop with rabbis from across the spectrum,  under the auspices of  Rabbis without Borders:
I have to tell you that the feedback we got was phenomenal. They (the rabbis) all  responded well to the Kirtan. Some didn’t even think it was border  pushing and said it felt strongly within traditional Judaism. Others  commented on how well you did it, and how much thought it was clear you  put in to it…. Yashar Koach!

–Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, Director, Rabbis without Borders

What a machaiya it was learning Torah, Chi Gung and Kirtan with you at the workshops this past Shabbat….I listened to your CD’s all the way home – what you have produced transports one to other worlds.

–David Siegman, Highland Park, NJ

I just listened on your site and I am completely TAKEN – I need this music!!

–Doni Zasloff Thomas, Montclair, NJ (Mama Doni)

It was a transformative joy to learn and sing together. Please come back soon.

–Matthew Berger, Santa Barbara, CA

It was wonderful! Yasher koach. I loved your music and how you have made it all come together in participatory call and response. Very impressive!

–Rabbi Roly Matalon, Congregation B’nai Jeshurun, New York, NY

[I] was very pleased with the reaction of our crowd. During our closing reflections on Sunday morning, many people referred to the Kirtan experience as the highlight of the weekend, and mentioned that it took them to places they had not been before. The evening and the event was definitely a success!

–Kallah Coordinator, Temple Beth El of Huntington, NY

I wanted to tell you again how much the Temple Shalom community enjoyed having you lead us in an evening of meditation and chant. It was truly the most spiritually meaningful and moving experience I personally have ever had. The energy level in the room was just amazing to witness- it was truly a transformative experience, one which we will never forget. Thank you so much, to you Shoshanah and Angela for providing us with this opportunity. I have received so many phone calls from the participants, and everyone loved the program. It was truly the best program ever!

–Dr. Dev Smith, Chairperson, Life Long Learning, Temple Shalom, Succasunna, NJ

I went to a kirtan you gave in the Integral Yoga Center about two months ago, and I just wanted to tell you that I think about it every day. I don’t know, I just wanted to tell you that your kirtan was so joyous and beautiful that it has been giving me so much strength. I cannot even say in words how much your Kirtan has effected my life. Thank you!

–Gaia Fried, Jerusalem, Israel

You have enlightened our community in countless ways….I am envisioning your coming back every 18 months or so. We should not let students graduate without being exposed to your Torah.

–David Leipziger Teva, Rabbi and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, Wesleyan University

“I found it fascinating – beguiling, new, strange, but somehow you’ve got it to work…. I liked the content that you gave the pieces – that they weren’t simply light ditties, but derived from old texts which each had specific (or multiple) meaning. The music, the voice, to me, is dizzying. How amazing to gather people together like that!”

–Jill Pearlman, Providence, RI

Kirtan Rabbi has great energy and rhythm!

–Ari Priven, Cantor and Music Director, Congregation B’nai Jeshurun, New York, NY

“The Kirtan was wonderful for my soul! I’ll definitely be back to participate in the experience…. Who wouldn’t?”

–Judith Shohet, New York, NY

….This one worked!

–Eve Ilsen, Boulder, CO

…Within seconds of beginning to chant in Hebrew, the room became charged with palpable, sacred energy….

–Reverend R. M. Peluso, Interfaith Minister, New York, NY

Thanks for providing the inspriration to dance like I’ve never danced before at the Aleph retreat.

–Michael Leizerman, Swanton, OH

As one who has for many years enjoyed Bhajans and Zikrs, knowing that someone is elevating Judaism by chanting Divine Names and verses brings me much comfort, even encouragement.

–Dr. Phillip Miller, Head Librarian, Hebrew Union College, New York, NY

Thanks for another wonderful Kirtan last night…it just gets better and better and better! Where will it stop?

–Achala Godino, Director of Kirtan, Integral Yoga Institute, New York, NY

Hey, Kirtan Rabbi – You rock!

–Raquel Solomon, New York, NY

I never thought I’d go to a Jewish hootenanny!

–Scheila Scheffler, Joshua Tree, CA

I’m really hard to impress, and I was completely blown away!

–Tama Goodman, Jewish Educator, Lancaster, PA

Reb Drew is a gifted spiritual leader who gently drew each of us into the circle of song until we found ourselves enveloped in a powerful, elevating container of kedushah (holiness).

–Rabbi Jacob Staub, Professor at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

You really rocked ‘em, Rebbe!

–Rick Barrett, Staten Island, NY, author of Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate

I was deeply moved by your recent kirtan service at Integral Yoga. There are very rare moments when I relate to being Jewish. Your service was one of them. It not only connected me to my cultural heritage, but it allowed me to deeply experience and revel in the essence of being Jewish.

–Joyce Meyers, New York, NY

Your chanting was the highlight of my entire weekend retreat!

–Marc Kohn, Rockland County, NY

I loved it. I loved it! Friends asked why I was glowing the next day. Another friend who came with me to the kirtan, said it enabled her to get through a rough week. And she isn’t even Jewish!

–Ritu Delgado, Salisbury, CT

I would like you to know how much I enjoyed the Kirtan. I suppose there is something very special about this Kirtan’s connecting through my Jewish roots to Eheyeh in a way that Sanskrit has not. Its something I hope I will explore more. The way you encouraged us not to clap and appreciate silence after the chant’s end was very nice and kind. The tolerance for others and for loving ourselves to be able to love others was so right on the mark. Connecting the chants to the concepts added tremendous depth. I could go on with other things I enjoyed and appreciated, but to sum it up: Todah!

–Sheri Sable, Pittsburgh, PA

I want to tell you how proud I was to be part of the kirtan you shaped with your fabulous visions for music and ideas. I thought it was really great. I’ll do it again and again and again – just tell me where….Beautiful harmonium [playing], too!

–Shoshana Jedwab, Entrainment Percussionist and Jewish Educator, New York, NY

You are making a unique and important contribution to the world of kirtan….Chanting Hebrew texts is a natural extension of what the Hindi have been doing with their sacred texts.

–Sanchie Bobrow, Staten Island, NY

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the event last night was. You made so many people happy and feel joy in their hearts. Truly a giving of grace to all! We were delighted to participate. Please place us on your email list for further events….You most assuredly have discovered a niche that is needed in our not so spiritual society!

–Linda Salkin, Armonk, NY

I loved it, and I’m not even Jewish!

–Kamaniya, New York, NY

Thank you for a very moving kirtan Saturday night. The setting, the warmth, the energy, were all amazing.

–Sam Goodbaum, Guilford, CT

Our first kirtan was a wonderful spiritual-energy experience which we look forward to repeating.

–David Gold, Woodstock, NY