Kirtan Rabbi In Your Community


Testimonial from Rabbi David Ingber, Romemu, New York, NY
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Bring kirtan to your community for…

Kirtan Rabbi would love to bring programming to you. Hosting a Hebrew Kirtan and having Reb Drew come teach will:

  • Offer something utterly unique and special for your community
  • Foster a sense of group spirituality so desperately sought after in congregations, community centers and on college campuses
  • Gently introduce cutting-edge practices to your community under the outside guidance of someone with proven change management experience at introducing new things
  • Draw in unaffiliated people who are hungry for a way to participate and haven’t done so for years
  • Heighten your profile in the general community
  • Bring a deeply trained teacher of Jewish Kabbalistic wisdom to your yoga studio whose main media is Bhakti yoga

Kirtan Rabbi performs a ceremonyReb Drew has many ways that he can serve you. He expertly tailors all of his offerings to fit your community. It is magical to see how he can get a whole room chanting and swaying – especially when no one there has ever done anything remotely like this before. He often collaborates with other musicians and Jewish teachers.