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About Havayah – Release Notes (draft) – More soon!

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‘Havayah’ is a permutation of the four letters of the unpronounceable, ineffable Name of God. In this form, the letters seem to form a female Name, which means roughly, ‘existence’ or ‘being.’ The rest of the first motif comes from the Book of Exodus (3:14). When Moses asks Who shall I say  to the people has sent me, God replies, “tell them that ‘Eheyeh asher Eheyeh’ has sent you. This phrase has had different translations. Even though biblical Hebrew does not have tenses, a very literal rendering is, “I will be what I will be.”

The second motif, ‘Baruch Shem k’vod malchuta l’olam vo’ed,’ constitutes a variation of a well-known part of the liturgy. I have rendered it in the feminine, because the Name here is, as said, seemingly feminine in gender. It is not easy to translate but can be rendered as: “Praised be the Divine Name, the Glory of Her Dominion is forever!”

הויה, אהיה אשר אהיה – ברוך שם כבוד מלכותה לעולם ועד

Recording and engineering by Frank Wolf
Produced by Frank Wolf and Rabbi Andrew Hahn
Soundscaping by Frank Wolf
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper, Turtletone Studios, NY
Melodies and arrangement by Rabbi Andrew Hahn

Rabbi Andrew Hahn: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocal calls
Yehoshua Brill: Electric guitar
Taylor Bergren-Chrisman: Electric bass
Shoshana Jedwab and Elijah Tucker: percussion
Havayah Posse: Aliza Hava, Emily Stern, Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Feit, Rachel Brook, A. Segulah Sher, Laura Wolfe, Elijah Tucker

Shir Feinstein-Feit

KR will be writing much more extensively about this chant and its theology soon!
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KR tours regularly and would love to visit your community. Please send us an email

Hebrew Kirtan with the Kirtan Rabbi

Teacher and chant composer  Rabbi Andrew Hahn (the “Kirtan Rabbi”) joins Shoshana Jedwab on percussion and other friends for an evening of sacred call-and-response singing and meditative learning. Hebrew kirtan is participatory chanting where short, sacred phrases from the Jewish tradition are treated as powerful, universal meditations. Bring your voice, open heart, and dancing socks!

Admission: Free for in-house guests; $10 for general public.

Kabbalah and Enlightenment: Balancing Spirituality and Practicality in Turbulent Times

With Jay Michaelson, author of Everything is God
Awakening is not just an Eastern concept. We live in a time when it is crucial to retreat and discover what is truly significant. Yet how do we emerge from personal exploration and apply what we have learned? Are there models of awakening and tools of spiritual practice that work within the messiness of daily life?
For a fuller description, bios and how to register:

Includes a community-wide Hebrew Kirtan with Shoshana Jedwab and the KR Band on Saturday evening, June 12th

To download flyer, please click here

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Kirtan and Havdallah with Kirtan Rabbi

This is a private event

Satsang on Ecstatic Kabbalah and Chant with the Kirtan Rabbi!

Join us for a special, intimate “unplugged” evening with the Kirtan Rabbi. Reb Drew will offer a teaching on the various forms of ancient Jewish mysticism with a special focus on ‘Ecstatic Kabbalah’ – the medieval practice of permutating divine names in order to clear away the trappings of this world and get closer to God. Comparisons with yogic philosophy, taoism and Buddhism where appropriate. And of course we will chant!
Featuring  HonathJi, who has just arrived from Nepal, on tabla!

Shabbaton with Kirtan Rabbi

Sabbath visit concentrating on music and meditation in Judaism
Includes: Friday evening chant infusion; Saturday morning service at the beach; Saturday evening Havdallah Kirtan!
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Facebook for Saturday morning at the beach:
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Facebook for the Saturday evening program:
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Interfaith Hebrew Kirtan

With Swami Ramanda
To pre-register at a discount, click here

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Kirtan Rabbi in Concert!

KR’s first appearance in Noho!
Sponsored by: Beit Ahavah, Jah Love Music/Valley Free Radio, Mama Nirvana New Yoga, Temple Israel and Zen Peacemakers
Tickets: $14 general admission – available from sponsors or online:
Northampton Box Office
Zen Peacemakers

Radio Interview and Music with the Kirtan Rabbi

Third appearance on Gary’s show.
Live streaming:

Earth Day Hebrew Kirtan

A very chill, mid-week Hebrew Kirtan. Get over the hump in style!
Featuring: John de Kadt, percussion; Robert Oakes, bass; Kaya Stern, bvs